18 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 AIMBOT Download 2013 [XBOX 360, PS3, PC]

  1. BO2Aimbot

    Nope, it is only visible on your screen.

  2. BO2Aimbot

    Yes, instructions on how to turn off the BO2 Aimbot are in the download files.

  3. BO2Aimbot

    Yes this Black ops 2 aimbot works, just download the files and try for yourself. Enjoy

  4. Lachlan Dunton

    Does it work

  5. Uzair Naseer

    thanks man, you got yourself a subscriber

  6. Uzair Naseer

    thanks man

  7. Justin

    Can you also turn this off?

  8. Justin

    Can people see this in the killcam?

  9. GP roductionsHDx

    I do not know it works,but i think it work because the comments are great,thank u man for this 😉

  10. BO2Aimbot


  11. BO2Aimbot

    Thanks for your feedback, enjoy pwing noobs with this Black Ops 2 aimbot.

  12. BO2Aimbot

    Wicked, glad to hear it's working for you. Enjoy this version of the Black Ops 2 aimbot.

  13. BO2Aimbot

    This aimbot works with a standard Xbox 360, PC or PS3 – no need for a jailbreak.

  14. Milan Stankovic

    I really like your work well done Keep it up <3333333333

  15. sai krishnasa

    thanks for sharing the download with us,it works perfectly fine

  16. tiansebi

    omg dis works legit 200% nigga bitch ass towel wooohooo im ranked 1 on ffa pc this wyyk!

  17. Jay Gibraltar

    he this is why i get killed so much in black ops 2! cheateeerrrss :)

  18. Jay Gibraltar

    hey i went around all you said and got it all working thanks for uploading and sharing again :)

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