20 thoughts on “Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hacks Xbox 360, PS3 & PC Aimbot, Wall hack, Prestige Hack 2012 Working 100%

  1. HackLeaker

    On the pc, yes

  2. Serrated Tomb

    does it work for cracked versions?

  3. HackLeaker

    Yeah, its still working man.

  4. TheSpeccz

    eminem – wont back down

  5. Adrian Berlin

    it looks ligit but how do i put the download on the ps3, do i go on the ps3 internet and download it through the Ps3, or if somehow on the computer can anyone explain the steps. confusin shit

  6. Physxtron

    Hi bro nice video and thx for aimbot it works perfect but what's the name of the song?

  7. Eric Cartman

    r u blind.look under the like/dislike bar

  8. HackLeaker

    Just run the program :)

  9. da rapter

    how do u do it on xbox Thanks

  10. HackLeaker

    @BrySeye Run it and follow the menu

  11. HackLeaker

    @ilovetaylorfaulkner Nope, just run the application :)

  12. David Dodson

    does our ps3 need to be jailbroke?

  13. BrySeye

    how do you install it on ps3 ?

  14. UGot24Hours


  15. deceivingmage

    Thanks it worked 😀

  16. gerschazoid / iVoltage55


  17. HackLeaker

    @Malice718917 Try the new latest link :), may need to disable antivirus because it will detect this because its an hack.

  18. HackLeaker

    @1995rags yep, 100% safe 😀

  19. Raghav Sai

    Are you sure its VAC2 and VAC3 undetectable??? I don't wanna get banned or something…:)

  20. Maurice Billy

    I'm getttingg .dll errors, anyone know why?

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