20 thoughts on “[No Surveys] MW3 Aimbot & Wallhack Download [XBOX 360, PS3, PC]

  1. AimbotMW3COD

    Yes it is.

  2. hectortje

    Still working for xbox?

  3. AimbotMW3COD

    Sure, what seems to be the problem? Some key things to remember for this MW3 aimbot is you need to be using a PC, WinRAR & memory stick. Make sure you only configure half the memory stick (so you leave space for the mw3 aimbot).

  4. AimbotMW3COD

    Yes this mw3 does work for xbox 360

  5. AimbotMW3COD

    Nope, it's an undetectable aimbot

  6. AimbotMW3COD

    Glad you are putting the mw3 aimbot to good use, enjoy.

  7. Twitchy

    I love hacks but i hate hackers, there should be hacked lobbys or something but oh well nice vieo, the music goes with well with the clip. :) Subscribe to me :) would be muchly appreciated and you can inbox me with ideas on what type of videos you would like me to post.

  8. Gary Leslie

    can you get banned for this

  9. xKingGlaDiius

    omfg i love it :) i will reccomend it to my frinds! awesome

  10. Cleary EU

    thanks man loving using it. Thanks for the link :)

  11. 1pro2cool

    That's really cool! Amazing man! Keep making these video's!

  12. amy13699

    my ex bf tried this on his ps3 and it worked,thankyou very mutch xx

  13. AimbotMW3COD

    For sure! Enjoy the free mw3 aimbot

  14. AimbotMW3COD

    You're welcome, glad you're enjoying the aimbot

  15. mcc440

    best game ever

  16. GamingServedCold

    This is a great little hack right here. I'll be sure to download this soon ! ! ! Thank's for the advice

  17. ryen rex

    nice i should try it later


    thiss iss amazingggg! cant believe he can scope like that MW3 is the best!

  19. supacow

    This will certainly make killing noobs a lot easier. Thanks for the hack!

  20. mark russell

    Omg thanks alot yo . i hit quad feeds for days now đŸ˜‰ ily

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